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Level I & Level II - Early Registration $1300*
 (*This is an example of pricing from last Live Seminar - Subject to change with next scheduled seminar)

LEVEL I- EIFS Certification
$795 - New Students

LEVEL I- (Active Members)

$495 - Recertification
LEVEL II- Building Envelope

$795 - New Students

**Level I Required

LEVEL II- (Active Members)
$495 - Recertification
$1590 - New Students
$990 - Recertification


The Level I and Level II courses are offered in classroom seminar format. Course attendees receive a full binder at the beginning of the program containing all reference materials and all topics covered in the course. Supplementary handouts are also provided during the program.

The faculty for the courses are selected for their specialized knowledge and their ability to effectively present information in a classroom environment. Speakers are asked to make their presentations in a non-commercial format. In addition, they are asked to cover all facets of their topic and not limit their presentation to how their organization views a product or service. Finally, speakers are asked to adhere to a time frame, present their information in an interesting and easily digestible manner, cover specific material that is on the exam, and handle questions at the end of their presentations in an efficient and professional manner.

Reviews of the course materials are done at the end of each day and questions may be asked by the attendees. The course is concluded with an examination. Level I students will be tested on Friday. and Level II students will be tested on Sunday. The attendee must achieve a score of 90 percent or better to pass and be certified.




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